Our Patients Speak

Some of our patients have shared their experiences with you. We thank them for their willingness to “Show Up” in life and become proactive in their health and well being. Please read below and if you would like to share your story, please contact us.

Our Patients Speak

For many months I had absolutely no sensation or feeling on my left side of my lower back and legs. I also had terrible weakness in my legs and could not run or kick (I was a boxer and runner and this depressed me greatly). I had seen 3 other medical “specialists” who put me on 5 different drugs, and all they did was make me sleepy and slow in my mind.

I was very worried about this because I was about to take my Gebush for a very elite unite in the IDF. I was convinced I was going to end up behind a desk for my entire army career.

Dr. Lawrence examined me and completely explained what my problem was and how we together were going to correct it. No other Dr. ever explained to me or spoke with me like this. I felt like I was a partner in my healing and needless to say, after a few weeks I was my self again, without any medicines or surgeries.

Thank you Dr. Lawrence for the great care you gave me. I am pain free, andyou taught me how to take care of myself which I am so happy about. I am also in the unit I always wanted and I wish more people knew about this kind of treatments that you do. G-D bless you!

Guy O.

Thank you Dr. Scott, that is all I need to say, THANK YOU!

Avigail A.

I originally saw Dr. Lawrence because I was flat on my back for 2 weeks with lower back pain. I had been to the hospital, the neurologists, the orthopedists and all I received was medications. At the same time, I was having terrible digestive problems. Again, the medicines were being thrown at me by my internist.

Within a few treatments I was back on my feet (literally) and feeling not only better in my back, but my digestion was nearly perfect. Dr. Lawrence approached my health situation in a very holistic manner and treated me like a person, not just a number!

Both my late parents were Physicians, so I know a bit about the healing arts, and IMHO, Dr. Scott has hands and a heart that are blessed. His work is comprehensive, and he has developed an approach like an art form. I truly feel he is the Michelangelo of the healing world!

Shabtai H.

I don’t have any health problems and we want to keep it that way! That is why my Emma and Abba bring me to Dr. Lawrence.

Alma L.

I’m 9 months pregnant and for the past number of weeks I have confined to a wheel chair. My leg stopped working and I was so afraid of what was doing to happen during the delievry of our baby and if I would be able to walk again after the birth.

My OBGYN told me that after the delivery I should be allright, but I will not be able to walk again till then. We went to an acupuncturist and an Osteopath and still, I was in the wheelchair.

We live in the Old City of Jerusalem and it took 3 men to carry me down the stairs in my wheelchair to Dr. Lawrence. AMAZINGLY….After my first treatment with Dr. Lawrence I was walking the next day!!

I thank G-D that we found you and Bless you and your family!

Keren K.

Elisheva is 4 years old and had been suffering for the past year with chronic bladder infections. They were so intense that she refused to urinate since it was so painful, making matters even worse. She went to the Dr. who ran blood tests and told her mother how severe her infection was and how she must immediatly start with antibiotics. Her mother literally ran to Dr. Lawrences office and he made a few nutritional suggestions and started treating her.

A week later she had another blood test and the Dr. said in a shocked tone that it’s a miracle and amazing, that there was no sign of any type of infection on the blood test! He then said maybe the lab test was incorrect. Elisheva’s mother just smiled and then came back to our office that day to report the wonderful results and to thank us for the care.


Thank you Dr. Lawrence for working with me. Its been a pleasure. Being the Israeli Champion of the International Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation I appreciate all things natural. Thank you again.

Oleg M.

I own my own business and am totally responsible for everything that needs to be done.

I have had pain for years and thought I had to live with it, which I was trying to do but it got to the point where I could not stand it any longer.

The care I got from the Dr. has literally made me a new man. No pain, more energy and I am starting to exercise (& I feel great). Thank you!

Evyatar C.

For the past 40 years (!!!!) I have been suffering with headaches, severe pain and pressure in my shoulders and neck, and complete exhaustion after a stressful episode or day at work. I am a tour guide and it would get to the point that after a day or two of guiding clients, I would collapse. It was incredibly painfull and even more so embarrassing that at times I would need to cancel the rest of the tour. It would take me a few days for me to recuperate.

The pain and lack of energy would also terribly effect my home life (my wife and children), I was a mess.

A friend from Singapore suggested I see the Dr, and this has literally changed my life for the better. I am so happy and satisfied with the care I have recieved. I am back to my workouts, running, exercising, taking care of my family and clients, and I feel like myself for the first time in 40 years. No longer do I have headaches, and the pain is GONE. All this without medicine, I am still amazed.

I am so thankful to have my life back again, bless you!!

Netanel N.

I started with the Dr. due to severe dizziness and headaches. I was on so much medication for these problems that concentrating at work and while learning was nearly impossible.

Aaron (my son) had a severe facial ticks and neck pain when he was under pressure and was terribly embarrassed at his Yeshiva (school). He also was suffering from mouth ulcers which would get so bad that for 5 days at a time he could not even eat.

Dr. Lawrence has become part of our family and we are so thankful for showing us that there is another way and a healthier way to deal with our health. It is as if he was sent by G-D and we are so thankful.

Both Aaron and I are doing great and are under maintenance care now. We learned that health is such a precious gift and it is our responsibility to take care of it, NATURALLY 🙂

Thank you truly for all you caring and help Dr. Lawrence.

Betzalel & Aaron Y.

We brought our son Atar to Dr. Lawrence because he was having some very intense problems. He was not very happy and was getting in trouble in school with his teachers and his class mates.

The medications he was on were very strong and he was like a zombie at times.

Dr. Lawrence has been so giving and caring and the changes we have witnessed in Atar have been incrediblly apparent, not only to us, but to his school.

We pray that his progress continues and we can continue reducing his medications like we have begun.

We thought that chiropractic was only for bad backs……..Our only regrets is that we did not start 4 years ago with these treatments.

Thank you Dr. Lawrence-we are blessed to now be having our entire family under your care!

Atar N.

I was suffering from low back pain for as long as I could remember. As well, which was even more distrurbing, when I had my monthly cycle it was truly terrible and dreaded this every month. In the past few months I started experienceing headaches, and inability to sleep the entire night through.

To say that I am surprised that not only have these problems dissapeared since starting care with Dr. Lawrence, but my entire body feels new! So much has changed in my health picture that I am thankful for. Dr. Lawrence has been so helpful and available for my husband and myself (we are both satisfied pateints). Thank you Dr. Lawrence.

Sarah M.

My father suggested I see Dr. Lawrence for my migraine headaches. I spend much of my day learning and sitting. I also am an active futball (soccer) player.

It had gotten to the point where I could not concentrate while learning or did I have the ability to play futball any longer because of my constant headaches. My medical Dr. put me on medicines that stopped the pain but made me like a zombie.

I am so happy that my Father suggested I see Dr. Lawrence and get adjusted. My headaches are under control and I am playing futball again and learning to drive now. B’H” I found the cause of my problems and
am correcting it.

Yitzie H.

I was sent to Dr. Lawrence from my neurologist for palpitations (fast beating of my heart). I didn’t know why he wanted me to see a Chiropractor (my back didn’t hurt). This was my first time to this type of doctor!

He said that he could not find any reason for my problem and before he put me on drugs, he wanted me to try somthing natural like Chiropractic. He himself is a pateint of Dr. Scott.

I have been seeing Dr. Lawrence for 4 months and I can say that I have had only 2 times of the palpitations, instead of a few times every day. It really is a miracle!

I suggest anyone with almost any health problem try Dr. Scott before taking medicine or having surgery. Chiropractic really works!!

Moshe L.

I came to this office as a wreck. I had always been active in sports (soccer and running) and for years I’ve been suffering from a frozen shoulder, low back pain that went into my legs, and severe stiffness. It was so bad I could not even get my socks and shoes on. We have 2 young daughters and my suffering affected not only my life but my relationship with my wife and children.

I am so satisfied with the care I have received. I am now planning on getting back to my running and look forward to my journey on regaining my health. Thank you for all your help.

Rafeal E.

I was 9 months pregnant and my baby was breached. I could not walk or even move, I could not even roll over in bed. The pain was like knives in my back and pelvis all day & night. They said I needed a C-section if my baby did not turn. Of course I did not want that. This was going to be my 13th child, and I never had a C-section, and I didn’t want to start now. My father insisted I see Dr. Lawrence and needless to say, after a number of visits, my babies position changed and it was like a miracle, my pain was dramatically reduced. I only wish I knew to see Dr. Lawrence for my other births (this was also the easiest and I know 100% that the treatments help turn the baby, and this in turn took the pressure off my nerves in my back and legs.

I am now feeding my baby and this is the first time I am not suffereing from shoulder pain when I feed her. After 12 other children I KNOW what made the difference! All pegnant woman should get care from Dr. Lawrence.

Now all 15 of us are under care, Thank you!!!

Shoshana G.

Tzipora was born with torticollis (wry neck) and a foot that was severely misaligned. The Dr. at the hospital said she must come back in two days and possibly have surgery for boththe foot and the neck.

Directly from the hospital delivery, 12 hours later, her mother brought her into the office to get her first adjustment. Tzipora had been seen daily for 8 days and is doing superb, for both her neck and her foot issues. There is no sign of either problem and during her adjustment she usually falls asleep.


I came to Dr. Lawrence for a hearing problem I’ve had since I was a child. I was told that they didn’t know why I had it, but I needed to learn to live with it and perhaps get hearing aids one day. I also could not get my ears wet swimming or showering or I’d get terrible pains and an ear infection. I also have suffered from neck pain for many years.

Now that I am getting care with Dr. Lawrence, my neck and spine feel like they did when I was a child, and my hearing is improving greatly. At first I thought it was my imagination, and then I realized it was truly getting better. I am still in shock how quickly I responded with both my conditions and complaints, even though I have suffered for many years. My only complaint is that my Dr. didn’t send me here sooner!!


My back pain was so severe that it was also radiating into my legs where I was having trouble walking. I also was having so much pain that I could not sleep throughout the night, or ride my motorcycle for 2 months (which is what I truly love doing).

Dr. L has been a miracle worker. I am working without a trace of pain, back on my motorcyle, and even helping my wife around the house (I told you the Dr. was a miracle worker!!).

My only complaint is I did not know about the Dr. a long time ago-Thank you so much!

Ishai A.

Dr. Lawrence has been treating me for a long time problem with my legs. I am 12 years old and my legs are crooked and it causes pain in my hips and back. I also walk in a way where my shoes wear out after 3 weeks.

My Dr. wanted to put me in braces and before we did that my Emma said we should try Dr. Lawrence.

After 6 months I am walking straight, the kids at school don’t make fun of me any more, and my pain is gone. I also got new shoes which have not worn out yet and I am so happy.

Rivka G.

I’m not sure where to start except by saying thank you. I was having terrible difficulty walking and I have been suffering from a neruological condition. As well for the past 3 years I have been suffering from near constant back pain. I have been to a neurologist and an acupunture Dr, but nothing has helped me except this office.

Since starting my treatments I am more steady on my feet, my balance is dramatically improved and walking is much easier.

I am so grateful for the positive attitude of the office and how much I feel cared for. I think this is exactly what the doctor ordered!

Robyn F.

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